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The first look of the new supercar with giant wings, from Brabham F1 family

Over six decades, Brabham, a racing icon, has now been identified in a different way, a car company. A company that has one or the other thing to be noticeable, chasing 5.4-liter V8 supercar along with big wing that is enough to drag bar stools at the level and can be used as an eat-in kitchen.

This car is soon going to launch in the month of May, known to be BT62, similar to the name that was used to describe the Brabham teams racing car. Particularly meant for the purpose of tracking, and as per the company, it will be paired with 700 horsepower including 2,646 pounds of downforce. Which suggests that BT62 actually has extra downforce than compared to the car of NASCAR, which was at the top level, a Monster Energy NASCAR CUP Series, a year back with 1,000 pounds more. While, the Brabham Automotive provoking car image above, reflects huge wings assisting those downforce counts to go higher.

However, the BT62 will be certainly enunciated, that limits to 70 models also the current exchange rate could cost around $1.4 million. Well, the prices that we pay is for the status of nameplates. The name Brabham includes a lengthy history in sports-car racing and Formula One, which was started with the first debut Jack Brabham’s midget cars in the year 1948. The team of Brabham headed to get championships, four F1 drivers and constructors titles two. Moreover, the team Brabham over three decades reached 120 podiums in F1 and won 35 Grand Prix, that was enough good.

As they started lacking behind due to insufficient funds in the 1990s, Brabham team discontinued in the racing of F1 in 1992. Still, three sons of Jack Brabham’s continued participating in the racing of endurance races and sports cars, one of them, David Brabham, introduced “Project Brabham” in the year 2014 as a team coming back in the field of racing.

Furthermore, current unveiling announces the beginning of the fresh chapter in the story of an identical family along with success.


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